Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The search for the Ultimate Boat.... Has Ended!!

The Search For Your Ultimate Boat……

Has Ended!!

“Why settle? No More Compromising!! You’ve Wanted It, Here It Is! The Boat STOPS Here! It’s your DREAM MACHINE!!

My Name Is Barrett Neeley, Captain of Team Hyper Striper and President of Ultimate Boats, Limited of Acworth, GA US. Our team officially started with the 2004 Gold Cup Tour of the National Striped Bass Association wth me, my dad and brother and a beat up old 88 stern-drive ski-boat that my brother and I re-engineered into a “fishing Machine”

However over the past three years we have taken our passion for this sport and boating, learned from our mistakes and paid special attention to the limitations boaters and fisherman alike face with boats. There emerged a common theme among all boats available for sell. YOU HAD TO ACCEPT COMPROMISES. To do all the types of boating we wanted to do, we needed at least two boats, possibly three.

Over time we have talked with many pro’s to get there opinions on many things. We have found that the majority of fishermen have a nice boat, but really are not satisfied, because they had to accept the compromises that I mentioned earlier. I even heard one say “You can’t buy a striper boat…” upon which I agreed and said “or just a fishing boat that suits every need”, that was until NOW!

We set out on a nine month journey to find the Ultimate Boat! On our journey we researched thousands of boats, test drove many, talked with experts, and engineers as well. We have learned the key aspects that would truly make the Ultimate Boat. “These boats must be able to handle 5’ seas and safely navigate through 4” of water, and even jump a sand bar or log without having to stop to clean out the intake. Reaching speeds of 60+ mph in 5 seconds, stop quickly but safely and turn around in it own wake. It must also have specific fabrication criteria to be able to meet these Standards:

  • · Absolutely No wood, All Double Welded 5086 Marine Grade Aluminum Hull, Floor and

Console. (For Durability, Weight and Fuel Economy)

  • · Must Have 1/4” Bottom and No Less Than 5/32 On The Sides.

  • · Our Models Are Available For Outboards But Inboard With A Jet Recommended.

  • · Must Have Plenty of Seating and Storage for Bait, Batteries, Tackle, Food, Fuel...etc.

  • · Must Have Plenty of Walking and Fishing Space.

  • · And This Is Only The Beginning, More Secrets Yet To Be Revealed. Stay Tuned!

After being overwhelmed for several months, we almost fell into everyone’s disillusion that there really isn’t a perfect boat without any compromises and even worse we were about to believe there was no way to build it. However, my family and I are determined and hardheaded so I stayed persistent in my quest, until I finally found Pawel Zakrzewski with Streamline Boats in Canada. Not only did his hull design match every criteria we had set, but exceed them as well! We were so impressed with his hull design, we flew to British Columbia to visit him and really drive this thing. WOW, let me tell you, “this boat is built like a tank and Handles like a sports car”. It ran in less than 4” of water with no problem, stopped within 25 feet running 45 mph and literally turned around in it’s own wake. It tamed serious swells with ease and just gave you a good feeling of confidence.

In fact we were so impressed that we have become the business partners with Streamline Boats as the US Distributors and are discussing agreements to market to the world. Our company’s name could be no other than Ultimate Boats, since it was the journey of a lifetime to find the Ultimate Boat.

We have teamed up with Streamline Boats and designed the caps for their hull design. We are the licensed distributors for boats being designed in a joint effort between Pawel Zakrzewski and Ultimate Boats, Limited. These boats will be offered in revolutionary Center Console, Center Console Cuddy (both open and closed cockpit), as well as Jon and Bass boat designs. Some versions will be offered in both Jet and Outboard configurations. Sizes will be available in 16’ to 40’ lengths. With an overall design that is out of this world, and capabilities other boat manufacturers can’t even conceive of, these boats must have come from an Old Salts dream. This will be the last boat you will ever have to buy! Are you intrigued yet? Want to know what these boats are going to look like? Stay tuned until next edition or you can check us out on the web at www.ULTIMATE-BOATS.com