Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ultimate Boats Interview makes the News

Revolutionary Aluminum Boats Coming Soon

As the summer heat rolls in, so does the boating fever. But this year the fever has been caused by a whole new breed of boats. The new buzz in boats is Ultimate Boats. Thousands of people are spreading the word like wild fire about the new revolutionary boat company Ultimate Boats. Brent Woodard of http://TheBoatReview.com also heard about this new revolution and decided to contact the company and see if he could schedule an interview. Fortunately these guys were very cordial and invited him to come the following week.

All pumped and ready to get the full scoop, Brent had the opportunity to meet up with the CEO of Ultimate Boats Ltd. Boyd Neeley. When they sat down to talk last week, Brent’s mission was to find out just exactly how Ultimate Boats is changing the industry and how this all came about.

After talking for a while, Brent found out that Boyd and his son Barrett are actually professional fishermen and have spent a lot of their time around the water. “This all started with us being frustrated fishermen while traveling on the Pro Tour several years ago, Boyd said. “We realized very early that we needed at least two boats to be successful tournament fishermen…Every tournament we fished over the years, we would come up with new ideas for the solutions to our problems as fishermen and boaters…. We took our knowledge and after a nine months search around the world, partnered up with the best Aluminum boat manufacturer we could find, and have created a whole new breed of boats that is going to take the world by storm.” Boyd said.

To the answer the question, “what makes Ultimate Boats so different or special?”, Boyd replied “We have been avid boaters and fishermen all of our lives, and boats have not changed much since the 50’s. For years it has been common knowledge that you if you enjoy different types of boating you have to compromise when buying a boat. “Here at Ultimate Boats our motto is “No Boundaries, No Compromises, No Comparisons,” so needless to say we strive on innovation to suite your every need. In stead of stamped-out fiberglass boats, we deliver the very best customized aluminum boats at competitive prices. Our boats are pushing the envelope in Marine Innovation and Technology and changing boat building standards internationally.” Boyd continued “Ultimate Boats is dedicated to continue to bring new innovations in safety, durability, and convenience. For instance, all of our boats come with completely double welded saltwater grade aluminum hulls. Our 21’-30’ Jet Boats can not only run through inches of water but also safely navigate through five foot seas.

Brent said, After seeing some of the designs and photos, it was obvious that he had only seen the tip of the ice berg. “The sleek futuristic design of these boats that is out of this world, and the never before seen options will truly revolutionize the boating industry, Brent said.

Boyd closed by saying Ultimate Boats has only marketed through word of mouth so far and they already have a waiting list. But not to worry, they are arranging for a new manufacturing facility to satisfy demand. “We started putting these dreams together three years ago with no money to speak of, and now it is taking leaps and bounds everyday.” Boyd said. For more information you need to check out their web site at: